Tuesday, December 14, 2004

A personal Chanukah Miracle!

Alright, last Tuesday morning I found out that I was exempt from my Elementary Statistics final because my grade was already such that the professor felt I had proven my abilities. Yippee!!! It was a take home exam and the last two he handed out took between 5 and 10 hours to complete. I welcomed my new free time with open arms.

On Wednesday, I returned home from my Ethics class to find that my Abnormal Psychology class had been canceled. Yippee!! I was supposed to do the homework for it that evening, but since it was canceled, I've been able to put it off another 6 days. Isn't life fabulous?

These were my two personal holiday miracles. The third is that I'll be done the semester this week. I only have 2 classes left and then I'm off until January 13th. The actual miracle is that I somehow seemed to have survived. Then again, there are still two days left in the game... I guess anything could happen.

Time to go study... I'll crawl out of my hole soon, hopefully more educated and worldly (yeah right! ha!)