Thursday, March 31, 2005

Oh goodness.

Finally, someone who's more scary looking than Dennis Rodman.

Perhaps if Dennis and Carmen Electra had decided to have kids during their whirl-wind 9-day marriage, this is what they would have looked like: (stolen from my sister's blog, the link is on the right).

Snark on!
Ms. V

Saturday, March 26, 2005

"Shop smart. Shop S-Mart."

There's a Bruce Campbell marathon on Scifi tonight. Hub is very, very happy.

I finished the world's most gorgeous poncho just in time for dinner on Friday. I had to work on it all day, which means I got no studying done. I also planned to study today but that didn't work out either. Now I'll have to cram all of my homework and test-prep into whatever time I have available tomorrow. Happy thoughts. Must - think - happy - thoughts.

On the bright side, the yarn I used to make my poncho normally costs $22 a skein at most places, but I found a woman who sells it in her ebay store for less than half that. Huzzah! I'll have to buy some later. This is, quite possibly, the most perfect yarn in the universe.

Now, without further ado, here are the poncho pictures. It looks a little more hippy-ish than I planned, but I still love it. It's so cozy!

Now I'm going to go help kill a giant monkey.

Be well,
Ms. V

Thursday, March 24, 2005

I dream of home-spun, hand-painted wool...

Alright, hub's blanket is being put on hold for just a few days. I started a fabulous poncho for myself sometime just before winter and it's not even half-finished. We're going out with friends on Friday evening and we haven't seen them in awhile, so I'd like to wear something special. I barely get to leave the house anymore. Dinner with friends is a very big deal.

Anyway, the poncho is friggin' gorgeous and now that I have the front half done, it's even MORE gorgeous. The challenge will be to write two lab reports, study for a quiz, study for an exam, get all of my homework done, knit the other half of this poncho, stitch the whole thing together, and clean 2 bathrooms by Friday at 5pm. Hee haw!

Here's a picture of the poncho:

Here's a picture of the color that *I'm* doing it in:

I think I like the darker color a bit better. Oh well. I guess I'll have to shell out another butt-load of cash to buy some more wicked-expensive yarn so that I can have the same exact poncho in 2 different colors. Hmmm.... OK, that won't really happen because I'm broke, but it's fun to pretend that I can still afford luxury yarn.

Ms. V

Wednesday, March 23, 2005

"If life is a bowl of cherries, what am I doing in the pits?"

Wow. I still can't believe how unlucky I was to inherit my father's sinuses, even though I've had to put up with the problems they give me for 27 years. Right now, I'd like to poke them with a screw driver just to let out the pressure.

Anyway, I got to play with bacteria in lab today and mess with its genes. Biology is fun! Cross your fingers that when I go back in a week, my little project worked and the E. Coli sample that I messed with will be resistant to the ampicillin I tossed it in. I can't wait to see how fuzzy my little petri dish will be!

Lately my tarot cards have been saying that I've been turning my back on my heart and creativity. I got the same 3 cards during my morning reading, 3 days in a row (I shuffled them like a mad-woman, too!). Creepy. I took it as a signal to start knitting again since I've had to put it aside for a bit to focus on school. Guess what? After working on the hub's way-past-due birthday blanket for a few hours last night, those same cards didn't show up in this morning's reading. Even more creepy. I shall use this as an excuse to abandon homework and knit constantly. It's a good thing, too. I have so many holiday gifts to do that I need to get started right away (as soon as I finish hub's blanket, that is).

P.S. I miss Erma Bombeck.

Ms. V

Saturday, March 19, 2005

NapDyn just gets better and better!

Hub popped "Napolean Dynamite" into the DVD player last night. Instead of stopping it at the end, we let the credits roll, and - get this - THERE'S A BONUS CLIP!!!! Kip and Lafawnda get married. The clip is of their wedding. Kip sings. Napolean tames a "wild honeymoon stallion." Seriously. Watch this movie. Watch the extra clip.

Now onto more serious junk: To all friends and family members who live far away and would like their tarot cards read, please email me. I need the long-distance practice. I don't know whether I'm any good, but I'll try. :)

Now I'm off to do more homework. After that, I think I'll take a cue from Pedro and build a cake or something.

Ms. V

Oh my goodness. Oh. My. Goodness.

I am speechless.

This guy's guardian was working extra hard that day.

Stay safe out there!
Ms. V

Sunday, March 13, 2005

"Good. Bad. Who cares? I'm the guy with the gun."

Just had a fun-filled evening with the hub. We watched "Evil Dead 3: Army of Darkness." It's by far one of the most cheesetacular flicks ever made. In fact, it's Hub's all time favorite and he introduced it to me while we were still dating, so it also has a special spot in the heart of our marriage.

It happens to be a very informative film. Some things I've learned from it:
1) If you go to a cabin in the woods and find a book bound in human flesh, DON'T OPEN IT.
2) If you DO open the book, prepare to have to hurt yourself very badly over the next few days. This may include: chopping off your right hand, which is possessed by evil, and swallowing boiling hot water to rid yourself of the mini-you that jumped down your throat.
3) Since you had to chop off your possessed-by-evil hand, you also had to replace it with a chainsaw. When the vortex to another time opens up and is about to suck you in, make absolutely sure that your chainsaw-hand is full of gas and your shot gun has plenty of ammo.
4) This is the most important one: ALWAYS carry with you the following items: A book about steam locomotion, some type of chemistry text, a saw, and some rope. They'll come in handy when you have to make explosives and turn your car into a steam powered bone-chopping machine.

I also managed to talk Hub into getting Five Spice. When I called to place the order, the nice lady on the phone said they weren't doing take out. They had too many reservations. I sweet-talked her into getting the chefs to cook us up some vegetarian kung-pao. I'm sure that what we ate had tons if chef-spit in it, but who cares? It's a small price to pay for their delicious vegetarian kung-pao. I decided to take my chances.

I also got a new Tarot deck over the weekend, and have two more kitting projects on the horizon (to add to the 17 that were already in existence).

Off to study some more. I have a quiz and an exam on Monday. Bleh.

Ms. V

Friday, March 11, 2005

Delirium poetry (warning: it's crappy)

Got up early. Have been awake since 8am. Insanity!
Stat section at work. Stayed 2 hours late, until 5am.
5:10am now. Will I hit the 24hour mark?
Tired. Cranky. Must sink into a coma for 4 hours before getting up to study.

What do you think? Should I contact my publisher? I've now been awake for 21 hours and 20 minutes. Amazingly, I've managed to survive on only 1 cup of coffee. Now I get to take a nap for a few hours. After that, I'll get up at 8 or 9am to study for a quiz and an exam - both to be taken on Monday. Yay for me.

Sweet dreams,
Ms. V

Wednesday, March 09, 2005

Lab got out early. yay!

Stolen from my sister and my buddy, perlexio (obviously, I changed the answers to suit myself):

Before I begin, I should also add that I'm extremely jealous of perp right now. He recently spent a weekend in Vegas. It's the best place on earth.

The scar you're most proud of: the one on my left knee... i somehow sliced my leg open in the middle of the night, really needed stitches, was 20 years old, didn't have a bandaid so I stumbled to the bathroom, wadded up some toilet paper, taped it on with scotch tape then went back to bed. Now the scar is huge as a result.

Your favourite condiment: hot sauce, barbecue sauce, A1 sauce

Do you have freckles? yup, tons.

Your preferred method of cooking: microwave. baking if i get ambitious

What shoes you're wearing: none. i'm barefoot whenever possible. i've been that way all my life

How many children do you have? 4 (cats)

The first person you french kissed: Heath Hutchins

Your preferred breed of dog: Plain ole' mutts. BUT: I also *really* like Irish Wolfhounds, Great Danes, St. Bernards, and Greyhounds

Where you were born: Malone, NY

What colour underwear you're wearing: hot pink

Where your keys are right now: front coat pocket

Do you have split ends? Probably. I haven't had my hair trimmed in MONTHS. I'm trying to grow it out.

Your opinion on airline food: You mean that stuff they put in front of you is food? It should have a "biohazard" symbol on it.

What cosmetic surgery you would consider: None. Liposuction is tempting, but way too dangerous and just as much work as losing the weight properly (in other words: you still have to diet and exercise if you get liposuction, so what's the point?)

Your worst malady: My immune system is too good. In fact, sometimes it freaks out and starts to attack some of my organs, just for kicks and giggles.

Does your mum love your dad? Step-dad, yes.

Can you sing well? No, but I sing anyway because I love it. Constantly. It drives people nuts.

What your olympic event would be: Knitting. Oh, wait. That's not an Olympic event? OK, reading then. Wait. That's not one either? Well, how about studying? No? OK, swimming then, I guess, because I love to swim. I'd have to get back into shape for it though.

Someone you admire: WAY too many people to list here.

Which country would be hardest for you to locate on a map? One of those tiny little countries that used to be part of the USSR before it broke up.

Part of the Sunday papers you read first: I don't have time for the sunday papers anymore, unfortunately... If i did though, it would be advice or comics, then straight on to the jumble.

The languages you speak: English, Spanish, one or two phrases in French, one or two phrases in Hebrew, and some sign language

The religion you were raised in: Catholic until I was about 8 or 9. Then nothing, thankfully.

Can you draw well? stick figures, sure. Anything else, no way.

Your favourite photograph? Several - the one of my sister when she's little and it's her profile in just the right light, the one of my mom, my sister, and myself at dinner in toronto, the one of hub and I, dancing, just about to kiss at our wedding, and several others that sis has hanging around her apartment - taken in Montreal and France

What you should be doing instead of this: homework, cleaning (mom's visiting tonight, the place would be condemned if health inspectors stopped by), stationary bike to get exercise, fixing my really bad hair day. Instead, I'm avoiding them all.

Tuesday, March 08, 2005

Even Hemingway had writer's block, didn't he?

I'm suffering. Suffering! I have a horrible case of writer's block. I can't seem to think of anything I can BS in the discussion for my physics lab. It's due tomorrow. I do my best work late at night so maybe around 1am I'll come up with something.

I'm behind on my other schoolwork, so I took a break from the lab and read my cells & genetics homework. It was boring. I wanted to stab my brain with a fork. As my eyes scanned the words, I could only think of "Gilmore Girls" so even though I somehow managed to finish the chapter, not a single piece of it sunk in. I can't wait for the exam. It should be an interesting one.

I'm *really* reconsidering this decision to be a doctor. I mean, I can just as easily sit on my arse all day and play video games. Maybe once in awhile I'll auction some crap off on ebay to help pay the bills. I don't really need an education, do I? Do I? Yes, I suppose I do. Despite the fact that I'm grossly overwhelmed, I shall plug along. I won't do it without a lot of drama though!

In other news, I've decided I'm going to start collecting tarot cards (but only the prints that I like). I'll have one used strictly to do readings for Hub, one used strictly for myself, and a bunch of others that I can use to do readings for other people. Internet shopping is fun!

Back to the lab.
Ms. V

Friday, March 04, 2005

My influence...

Amazing how we influence the people in our lives, huh? I just heard Hub say "Blah, blah, blah" while on a conference call with work. That's a very Ms. V thing to say. I've converted him. The plan is working...

Ms. V

March madness

Going to Montreal to visit my sister tonight. YAY! Planning on knitting while I'm there. I need to frog the poncho that I want to re-knit first though. I also found a pattern for an adorable hat that looks like a strawberry. My six year old cousin is going to get one now. The darn thing is just too cute not to make.

Also, this is what happens when you worship your cats like we do:

Hub was holding Blazey and as he bent over, Blaze crawled onto his back. It seemed this was a good place to sit and watch the parakeets. The sad part is that as poor Hub was saying "Help me!" I was laughing hysterically and fumbling with the camera to snap a few shots. Bad Ms. V! Bad!

All is well in wonderland again though. I took the pictures, then took Blaze off his back. Fun times.

Ms. V