Thursday, August 11, 2011

iPhone genius

Recently, while trying out the facetime option with our iPhone 4's, my friend Laura and I were confused by the fact that our screens showed ourselves, rather than each other.  In other words, I should have seen her on my screen and she should have seen me.  Instead, I saw myself and she saw herself.  Our friend Evan witnessed this event and had the following to offer:

Evan: "Maybe it knows you're in the same room.  iPhones are that smart!"


Ms. V
(we still haven't figured it out)

Wednesday, August 10, 2011

Further proof of my cooking skills

Hanging out with my cousin, Chris, this afternoon, I mentioned that I was about to go grocery shopping...

Chris: "What are you going to buy?"
Me (answering her adorable little baby because it's fun to talk to him): "Pizza ingredients because that's all I can make. Cheese, sauce, crust."
Chris: "Uh, how 'bout some onions? Peppers? Olives? Throw some veggies on there."
Me: "Mmmmm... too many ingredients. Three is my limit."
Chris: "You can buy them already chopped up..."
Me: "Ehhhh, nah, I dunno."
Chris: "Get them off the salad bar for crying out loud!"


Ms. V

Tuesday, August 09, 2011

Welcome back Scott

After my dear friend and former fashion designer/model, Scott, returned from a 3-month long shoe-designing stint in Miami, we reconnected by hitting a local bar in a tiny town in VT. A random (and I'll admit - somewhat creepy) stranger struck up a conversation about the Miami club scene vs. the LA club scene. Scott had enough brewskies in him to get funny about it.

Scott: "Shit. When I went to the clubs I wore a speedo and cowboy boots."
Me (laughter)
Stranger: "Shit. What kind of club did you go to??"
Scott: "I helped build Von Dutch. I could wear an eyepatch and a smile."
Me (hysterical laughter)

The stranger was actually not so bad, and he knew Scott was just joking around and having fun, so it's all good, peeps. It's all good.


Ms. V