Monday, May 30, 2011

What's in that stuff, anyway?

Four loco.

Patrick has had some interesting experiences on the stuff (apparently a lot of people have). I finally found some that sat in my fridge for a month...

Ms. V: "I had some four loco for us but I tossed it when I moved because I was sick of dealing with stuff and just emptied the contents of my fridge into the garbage."
*Note: before anyone gets worked up about me throwing away food, think for just a second about what few things actually resided in my fridge, then think about how many of those things were actually edible. Yeah, exactly... nothing was "wasted."

Patrick: "You just threw it out? Wha?? That's just sitting in garbage somewhere? It could leak on an animal and turn it into a ninja turtle or something!"

Miche: "Some poor, unsuspecting bunny doesn't know what he has coming to him."

They're probably right.
Side note: this is the 2nd time in 2 days that Ninja Turtles have come up in conversations. I love quirky coincidences. Good stuff.

Ms. V

Saturday, May 21, 2011

Learning interesting stuff about your mother...

During a recent & rousing game of scattergories with my mother, sister, and sister's boyfriend:

Letter = B
Category = "Things you keep hidden"

Mom: "I put 'books'"
Ms. V: "What kind of books are you reading that you need to keep them hidden??"

Wine was involved.

Ms. V

Wednesday, May 11, 2011

Oh my.

On a rare and recent jaunt to the big K with my friend Michael-Sha-nay-nay, we stumbled upon these beauties:

Imagine my delight when a lengthy blog-worthy discussion ensued.

- Me (stops dead in tracks): "Oh my GAWD! I didn't think they were allowed to make these things anymore?!"
- Nay-nay: "You eat such horrible food."
- Me: "No, no. I won't eat these. I just genuinely thought they were outlawed."
(reaches for phone to snap picture)
- Nay-nay: "These things are probably made out of strychnine."
- Me (doubled over in laughter from both disbelief of the cheese-balls' existence and Nay-nay's strychnine comment): "Oh - that is SOOOO going on the quote blog!"
(snaps picture)
"I'll even caption the picture when I upload it to facebook!"
- Nay-nay: "Yeah, the caption should read: 'Top two ingredients: strychnine and failure.'"

Nay-nay finally had to pull me away. I still couldn't believe my eyes. The best part is that they're generic and have *smart* in the name. Wow.

Ms. V

PS: I really did think they were outlawed. No joke there, people.

Saturday, May 07, 2011

How women work

Pondering life's great question on our recent ladies' night...

Lara: "How much do you think it's going to cost to fix a MacBook after you spill a bunch of wine on it?"

Erika: "Did you try the rice trick?"

Lara: "No. Well, yeah, but it didn't work. Now it just has a bunch of rice in it too."

Thank goodness people exist to fix these problems. :)

Ms. V

Thursday, May 05, 2011

Much to my chef friend's horror...

It pays to have friends who are chefs, especially when you don't particularly cook very often (or at all, for that matter).

Last Saturday I had a good friend over to catch up on life, since I've been such a hermit lately. He made some pretty fan-fricking-tastic thai tacos, which we promptly devoured. Upon putting leftovers in the fridge, however, he discovered the reality behind my eating habits...

Chef: "Are those... wait... are those spaghetti-o's? Are you *serious*? I'm going to cook for you every night!"

Me: "They're vegetarian with soy meatballs."

Chef: "Only $9.95 a can at 'Wealthy Living.'"

The poor guy is still in shock.

Ms. V