Wednesday, May 11, 2011

Oh my.

On a rare and recent jaunt to the big K with my friend Michael-Sha-nay-nay, we stumbled upon these beauties:

Imagine my delight when a lengthy blog-worthy discussion ensued.

- Me (stops dead in tracks): "Oh my GAWD! I didn't think they were allowed to make these things anymore?!"
- Nay-nay: "You eat such horrible food."
- Me: "No, no. I won't eat these. I just genuinely thought they were outlawed."
(reaches for phone to snap picture)
- Nay-nay: "These things are probably made out of strychnine."
- Me (doubled over in laughter from both disbelief of the cheese-balls' existence and Nay-nay's strychnine comment): "Oh - that is SOOOO going on the quote blog!"
(snaps picture)
"I'll even caption the picture when I upload it to facebook!"
- Nay-nay: "Yeah, the caption should read: 'Top two ingredients: strychnine and failure.'"

Nay-nay finally had to pull me away. I still couldn't believe my eyes. The best part is that they're generic and have *smart* in the name. Wow.

Ms. V

PS: I really did think they were outlawed. No joke there, people.

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