Monday, September 30, 2013

Plans for the future Mrs. V

Me: "Hey!  Did I tell you my sister and Tarek got married?"
Dufort: "No.  Your mom told me they got married.  Mary told me they got married. YOU did not tell me they got married."
Me: "Oy!  Sorry.  Bad friend award goes to me.  My sister got married!  Elvis performed the ceremony, but he wasn't the actual minister who could sign the marriage certificate."
Dufort: "That is one of the strangest sentences ever uttered."

:Dufort pauses to think for a moment:

Dufort: "I'd rather have Elvis Costello perform the ceremony."
Me: "ME TOO!!  But the REAL Elvis Costello, not an impersonator."
Dufort: "Exactly!"
Me: "I'm going to do it.  Someday, my future wife and I will be married by Elvis Costello."
Dufort: "You're stealing my idea!"
Me: "No! You can't have her."
Dufort: "No, the Elvis Costello part."
Me: "Oh!  OK.  Well, we could just do a double-ceremony."
Dufort: "Sure.  Sounds great.  I just need to find a woman to marry me for the 3rd time..." (with just a hint of sarcasm.) "I found the 1st and 2nd.  Shouldn't be too hard to find a 3rd."  (Still a bit sarcastic.)
Me: "It's a done deal, D.  We're having a double ceremony, performed by Elvis Costello."

Now we just have to hope this idea flies with our future brides.

Ms. V