Monday, August 27, 2007

OK, I know I've upset all of you...

Yeah, yeah, I haven't posted since March. I hate google-blogger. It's a giant pain in the ass to long into.

Updates to my life:

1) I've been accepted to PA school at Albany Medical College. Hub and I will have to live apart again. I'll be a "weekend wife" but this time, he'll have the condo and the cats. I'll be in an apartment, studying my brains out. Fun times.

2) I had LASiK. I can see 20/20 now. Unbelievable. I keep thinking "this must be what Pinnochio felt like when he became a real boy!" Even more fun times.

I think that's it. Nantucket was great, but it got a bit boring. We ended up coming home a day early. It was still nice to have a mini-vacation though. Most of my summer has been spent traveling home to Malone or sitting on my giant ass. :D I love not being in school anymore.

Oh yeah - there's a #3:
3) I graduated. Finally. Yippee!!!

Ms. V