Thursday, December 20, 2012

Once more with the cooking

I had a bit of a dilemma tonight.  I was missing an ingredient for a large batch of vegetarian chili so I called my mom to ask how crucial it was that I have it.  She wasn't there.  My step-dad kindly took the message and when mom called back, I was in the midst of preparing the afore-mentioned batch of chili, as well as mixing ingredients for chocolate-chip cookies (I can bake very well.  It's cooking that is lost on me.)

She left a voice mail.

Mom: "Hi Ms. V.  It's mom.  John said you had a cooking question.  First of all, we're in awe that you're cooking, then John pointed out that we'd probably have to eat it..."

Yes, they clearly have a LOT of faith in me. ;)

Seriously folks, this chili is something I can actually make well AND it has more than my typical 3-ingredient-limit.

Oh, and in the end it was my sister who helped me out, via the wonder and magic of texting.

Ms. V