Monday, September 25, 2006

The Beast

There's only one thing worse than the overwhelming smell of B. O. There's also only one thing worse than the overwhelming smell of cologne. In each case, it is the overwhelming smell of B. O. mixed with cologne.

To the nice gentleman in the lab upstairs: please, please, do us all a favor and get up a mere 10 minutes earlier to take a shower. You'll get rid of the B. O. and you won't have to try to cover it up with too much cologne.

Thank you.
Ms. V

Thursday, September 21, 2006

Lesson learned

When the timer goes off, indicating that you should rinse the dye out of your hair, make sure you do it.

I was giving myself a manicure last night when my 40-minute processing time was up. I figured an extra minute or two wouldn't hurt. I was wrong. My hair is orange. My hair is also naturally curly. Imagine Ronald McDonald without the clown makeup...

In other news, Copper and Stoney, soon to be known as Grady and Cooper, will be going to their new homes tomorrow night. Yippee! We're still looking for a home for Ms. Gracia and since we CANNOT have 5 cats, we really do need to find a place for her. Let me know if you're interested or know anyone who is! :)

Ms. V

Monday, September 11, 2006

A very exciting day, indeed!

Well, I started the day in a miserable mood because I, for whatever reason, decided not to stop at DD for my morning coffee.

Truthfully though, it has turned in to an absolutely-fracking-fabulous day. Two kitties have two new homes. :)

Our friend's parents want to adopt Mr. Stoney-Finnigan.

That just leaves Miss Gracia-Mae. If hub has his way, she'll probably stay with us. We'll see.

Ms. V

Breaking news!

Copper has found a home!! Wahoo!

Some very dear friends of our's have decided to adopt him. Since I know what good cat-parents they are, we really couldn't ask for a better outcome. His new name is Grady, which fits him quite nicely. :)

Congrat's to the new parents and his big brother, Pippin.

Ms. V

Sunday, September 10, 2006

Try to resist these cuties!!

Baby pictures, as promised. The orange one is named Copper, the one-eyed tabby is named Gracia, and the other tabby, with the white paws, is Stoney-Finnigan. :)




Sunday, September 03, 2006

First thing's first...

To the disgusting, wretched, foul scumbag who dumped a box of kittens by the trash bin behind Hannaford: May you be eaten alive by fire ants. Seriously.

Now that my important announcement is out of the way, Hub and I are the proud foster parents of 3 kittens who are too-cute-for-words. Pictures will follow later in the week, I promise.

In other news, I had a one-week break from school before starting up again full time. Now I work full time, go to school full time, take care of our four fur-kids, take care of our 3 foster-fur-kids, and somehow maintain a (hopefully) healthy marriage. This, my dear readers, is the reason for the infrequent posting. I hope to get better now that school is back in session and we have a full-fledged cat farm. Methinks I'll have more stuff to talk about now...

Ms. V