Monday, September 11, 2006

Breaking news!

Copper has found a home!! Wahoo!

Some very dear friends of our's have decided to adopt him. Since I know what good cat-parents they are, we really couldn't ask for a better outcome. His new name is Grady, which fits him quite nicely. :)

Congrat's to the new parents and his big brother, Pippin.

Ms. V


Tina said...

Grady & Pippin now have an uncle!! Stoney-Finnigan has also been adopted (by my parents!). WAHOO WAHOO!!!!

Steve said...

I am a half of the parents that have taken the former Stoney-Finnigan, now Cooper into our lives. As all kittnes do, he has brought much joy into our lives. To Tom & Sarah a very big thank you for rescuing these babies from a certain death. They will now bring joy to many lives for many years. We will always be thankful to you for doing so much.

Ms. V said...

And we will always be thankful to you for giving him such a wonderful home! :)