Tuesday, August 09, 2011

Welcome back Scott

After my dear friend and former fashion designer/model, Scott, returned from a 3-month long shoe-designing stint in Miami, we reconnected by hitting a local bar in a tiny town in VT. A random (and I'll admit - somewhat creepy) stranger struck up a conversation about the Miami club scene vs. the LA club scene. Scott had enough brewskies in him to get funny about it.

Scott: "Shit. When I went to the clubs I wore a speedo and cowboy boots."
Me (laughter)
Stranger: "Shit. What kind of club did you go to??"
Scott: "I helped build Von Dutch. I could wear an eyepatch and a smile."
Me (hysterical laughter)

The stranger was actually not so bad, and he knew Scott was just joking around and having fun, so it's all good, peeps. It's all good.


Ms. V

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