Sunday, March 13, 2005

"Good. Bad. Who cares? I'm the guy with the gun."

Just had a fun-filled evening with the hub. We watched "Evil Dead 3: Army of Darkness." It's by far one of the most cheesetacular flicks ever made. In fact, it's Hub's all time favorite and he introduced it to me while we were still dating, so it also has a special spot in the heart of our marriage.

It happens to be a very informative film. Some things I've learned from it:
1) If you go to a cabin in the woods and find a book bound in human flesh, DON'T OPEN IT.
2) If you DO open the book, prepare to have to hurt yourself very badly over the next few days. This may include: chopping off your right hand, which is possessed by evil, and swallowing boiling hot water to rid yourself of the mini-you that jumped down your throat.
3) Since you had to chop off your possessed-by-evil hand, you also had to replace it with a chainsaw. When the vortex to another time opens up and is about to suck you in, make absolutely sure that your chainsaw-hand is full of gas and your shot gun has plenty of ammo.
4) This is the most important one: ALWAYS carry with you the following items: A book about steam locomotion, some type of chemistry text, a saw, and some rope. They'll come in handy when you have to make explosives and turn your car into a steam powered bone-chopping machine.

I also managed to talk Hub into getting Five Spice. When I called to place the order, the nice lady on the phone said they weren't doing take out. They had too many reservations. I sweet-talked her into getting the chefs to cook us up some vegetarian kung-pao. I'm sure that what we ate had tons if chef-spit in it, but who cares? It's a small price to pay for their delicious vegetarian kung-pao. I decided to take my chances.

I also got a new Tarot deck over the weekend, and have two more kitting projects on the horizon (to add to the 17 that were already in existence).

Off to study some more. I have a quiz and an exam on Monday. Bleh.

Ms. V


Erin said...

Five Spice...mmmm...

I'm jealous.

Perplexio said...

At one point there was talk of a Jason vs. Freddy vs. Ash movie.

That would be even more cheesetacular!

Nothing makes for a cheesetacular evening like a fistful of boomstick!*

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Ms. V said...

Ash would win, hands down. I say this because he's the good guy out of the three. He also has the best pickup lines. C'mon - who can resist "Gimme some sugar, baby."