Monday, March 13, 2006

One lucky girl

I'm sick. Super sick. Sick enough to have not gone in to the lab today, and I love the lab. Going there is my favorite part of the day, so NOT going there means that I'm really, really, really sick. Really.

To top it off, I'm having some strange allergic reaction and the roof of my mouth and my lips are all swollen. On the bright side, for this brief period I actually have an upper lip. I could barely swallow this morning though. Not fun.

Why am I lucky, you ask? Because hub is a super-star. You see, when I'm sick, I usually want my Gram because she took care of me a lot when I was younger and had to miss school. She was a nurse and raised 6 kids of her own so she was excellent at making me feel better. Unfortunately, she's 2 hours away (if I could charter a plane to fly her over here I would). Instead, Hub has to fill her shoes and he does and excellent job. He makes me tea, covers me with blankets, takes care of my house-chores as well as his own, and STILL loves me in the end. Not bad, huh?

I'm accepting well-wishes from anyone and everyone. I have a lot of work to do at the lab so I can't miss tomorrow too. I have school on Wednesday and an exam on Thursday, so I need to be in top shape!

Angelina Jolie-lips,
Ms. V


Erin said...

I think if you just click the link you provided on your previous post, you'll see that some people are way sicker than you.

Hope you feel better soon!

Anonymous said...

Just have that certain "gram' make you some of her famous soup and i can get it to you Fed-Ex delivers worldwide !!!!!!!!!! just say the word remember the chicken noodle /rice soup is famous "" Jewish Pennicilin " smile cml.....

Perplexio said...

It's much better to have Angelina Jolie lips than to have Marty Feldman eyes. :-)

Get well soon!

Oh and your Uncle Kevin recently sent me photos of their recently completed kitchen. I've posted them on my other other blog. A few people that stumbled upon that blog have commented quite positively on Kevin's handiwork.