Wednesday, May 31, 2006

Difficult decisions

There comes a time in every woman's life when she's faced with a great dilemma: which pair of shoes to buy.

Today it was my turn. I needed a fabulous pair of shoe/sandals that I could wear at the lab without breaking dress code (it's no fun to splash acid on your feet, so they're sticklers about the "no open-toed shoes" rule). I hate wearing shoes in general, so wearing my traditional mis-matched socks and purple clogs to work in the summer really sucks. The solution? A comprimise. I decided to get a pair of those "kind of like sandals but could easily pass as shoes" shoes. Like these. Or these.

Off to EMS I go.

I pick out one of each, both in purple. The guy can't find the first pair in purple so he brings me black. Black looks fabulous and I think to myself "I have shoes in every color known to man EXCEPT black. Maybe black would be nice." Black it is.

He brings me the second pair in purple. They look ridiculous. My foot appeared to be twice as long as it actually is.

Now you may wonder where my dilemma is. Well, the black looked great, the purple didn't. The purple, however, was the most comfortable shoe I've ever worn. Seriously. I wanted to wrap my hole body in the footbed. Honestly. Yes, it WAS that comfortable. So the question became: "Do I buy for comfort or for looks?" Ah geez. The practical thing would be to buy for comfort of course, but I don't want to look like I'm wearing flippers. I got the black. They black aren't uncomfortable in the least, they're just not as downright-amazingly-comfortable as the purple. Oh well. At least now I have a pair of sandal/shoes that I can wear in the lab. :)

Thanks for putting up with today's boring post,
Ms. V


Robert said...

That reminds me, I started a new job, where I have to dress less like a slacker/skater and more like an office professional. However, I don't own a single pair of dress shoes, so I've been wearing Dr. Martins. I need to go buy an actual pair of shoes. Having recently shaved all my hair off and trudging along at the new job wear Doc's may give people the wrong impression, I dunno ... I hate shoe shopping. Now if I could only get away with wearing purple shoes, everything would be good.

Perplexio said...

I have another gem to share with you (as thanks for your David Hasslehoff goodness):

These guys must have inspired Vanilla Ice and Snow!


Ms. V said...

Rob: you shaved your head?? That's what you get for living in Florida, my friend. ;)

Perp: This video is further proof of one thing and one thing only: white men can't rap (or at least they shouldn't!!). Thanks for sharing. :)