Saturday, February 23, 2008

Ms. V turns 30

This may be the first time I post something serious instead of sarcastic...

Technically I turned 30 on the oh-so-fabulous day of January 24. Unfortunately, I had two major exams the following week and wasn't able to celebrate. Instead, I postponed the festivities until break.

I'm just going to offer a big, HUGE, INCREDIBLY MASSIVE "Thank you" to Jeff, Charla, Issei, Ingrid, Luz, Jess, Jansen, Trisha, and Kevin for joining me for a rousing round of Rockin' Bowling, dancing, and drinks. A huge thank you especially to Trish and Kevin for the fantabulous gifts. ;)

All of you made my belated birthday truly special. It was wonderful to be surrounded by such good friends.

Tomorrow: Mardi Gras and 80's night. Charla and I agreed to wear the old Debbie Gibson "Electric Youth" perfume. Woo hoo! :D

Ms. V


Anonymous said...

happy birthday sarah :)) hey not just jeanne read you i go on your blog at least once a week L)) yes french canadian are reading your blog so dont stop ,, have fun at your birthday party , me i dony have time to party still missing my lovely father who past away jan, 16 :( bye brigitte

Anonymous said...

Tell me Sarah, Did you wear leg warmers?

Ms. V said...

Nope, no leg warmers. I didn't even change into anything fun. I just showed up in jeans, a t-shirt, and my dancin' danskos. :D My ears were ringing all day Sunday though.

Anonymous said...

My ears would ring too, but I was usually so hungover that it didn't matter!