Friday, February 04, 2011


Scene: Miche and yours truly at The Pour House; Miche with a bowl of Caesar salad and a diet soda; yours truly with a giant plate of nachos and a water.

Me: "Look at this! I've gorged myself!"
Miche looks up...
Me: "Though, all I ate today was a couple of truffles and a bunch of lifesavers..."
Miche: "That'll do it." [thoughtful pause] "It's better than a Moxie and some peeps for breakfast."
Me: "That's what you had, isn't it?"
Miche: "Mmmhmmmm"
Me (with hysterical laughter): "Oh, this is ALL going on the blog!"
Miche: "I'm a picture of health."


Time with Miche is always sure to result in good conversations for the blog.

Ms. V

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