Tuesday, July 02, 2013

Reproductive Roombas

Trying to explain medical stuff to people is fun sometimes, especially when that medical stuff is related to the female reproductive system and you're discussing it with a couple of guys.  Science guys, no less.

One evening on Church St., with Mishe, Ben, and Patrick:
Ben: "So how does that work?  How does an IUD get inserted?"
Me: "Well, you use a tenaculum to 'anchor' things while you insert it."
Ben: "Tenaculum??  Isn't that a city in California?"
Me: "I think that's Temecula.  This is a tenaculum.  It's a pretty brutal little device.  There's nothing quite like a tenaculum."
Ben: "You realize you just used the sentence 'there's nothing quite like a tenaculum.'"
Patrick: "Why don't they just make an IUD that's like a roomba?  It just trolls around and eventually finds the right place."

I gave up trying to explain.  We laughed a lot in between.

Ms. V

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