Friday, July 01, 2005

Popular people today.

Hub and I are quite popular with delivery personnel today. We received four packages. Four. Cool, huh?

Actually, Fed Ex wouldn't drop their's off so we only technically got 3. The fourth is sitting at the Fed Ex building. The others were from UPS and the Post Office.

I love packages.

This is what I got. The other 2 were for Hub and I have no idea who the Fed Ex one was for.

Ms. V


Anonymous said...

I just love dressed up cats!!!!

Ms. V said...

Well I guess I'll just have to use this deck to do your next reading. :)

Anonymous said...

sounds good to me

Perplexio said...

This is unrelated but since you seemed to enjoy the Stuck in Rehab With Pat O'Brien link I posted in my blog awhile back I thought you might also dig:

:-) Good wholesome lunacy for the whole fandamily.