Thursday, July 07, 2005

Sometimes it's fun to be superstitious

Well, I've just found the 9th lady bug in only a week and a half. They're all somehow able to make it inside and then hide in the oddest of places. Supposedly lady-bugs give you good luck when you find them. Since I'm a good little lady-bug lover, I gently put them back outside. It's the only kind of bug that I actually like. Any other insect in this house promptly gets squashed (the squashing is most often preceded by a lot of "Ewwww!!! Gross!! I hate god-damn bugs!")

I've also been finding a lot of pennies lying on the ground and even found a dime yesterday. I haven't been picking them up because I figure that with all of the lady-bugs I've been rescuing, I can let the good luck from the pennies pass on to other people. Actually, it's mostly because I already have enough change jingling around in my pocket.

In other news, I only have one day left of my class then I'm off for 7 long, beautiful weeks. They'll be spent studying for the MCAT and getting ahead for the fall semester. It occurred to me yesterday that in the spring, I'll have a full course load, the MCAT, a job, and my senior thesis to complete. Gee. I can't wait. (Please note the sarcasm).

Ms. V


Perplexio said...

And then you & Tom will move to Chicago and become Toni's & my neighbours, right?

Ms. V said...

Of course! I think I need to actually get accepted first, though. :)

That's also assuming I can survive living somewhere without mountains...


Perplexio said...

Western Illinois has rolling hills and Wisconsin, just north of us has beautiful lakes and trees and damn good beer and cheese.

I don't know what kind of medical program they have at University of Wisconsin in Madison, but Madison is an absolutley gorgeous city. Very mellow and laidback, it's on 4 different small lakes. It's atmosphere is similar to Burlington, I think you'd dig it.