Monday, February 13, 2006

How will I make it through the day?

My Palm Tungsten arrived in Williston, VT at 3:50am on 2/11/06. Holy moly. I'm going to get it today. How am I going to be patient enough to sit through my Genetics exam?

Now, the other problem is that I bought it used. Cross your fingers that it's in good-enough shape to keep so I don't have to return it and buy a new one.

Impatient, as always,
Ms. V


Anonymous said...

We need to get you in touh with our pilot friend mitch, he lives by his palm. He was showing me some software last week that has every bottle of wine every made, a full review of it, how many bottles were made that year and what it would go well with.....

Pippin sends his love, he wants to know when you can come see his new house!!!

Ms. V said...

OOOOH!!!! I will go see Pippin's new house soon, I promise. In fact, Hub and I have decided that now that you are home-owners, you need two things:
1) A cat tree for Mr. Pippin
2) Another cat.


I *love* my palm. I'm obsessed with it. I've had it only 2 days and I've already gotten my money's worth out of it. I have to get a memory card for it and some games to play on it now. Y'know, the important stuff. ;)