Sunday, February 12, 2006

Random crapola

Random crap for the day, and for my life-update in general:

I'm avoiding studying for a big Genetics exam.

I've ordered a new palm and have been compulsively checking UPS's website to make sure it really *is* supposed to be delivered tomorrow.

I'm ticked off that we haven't gotten any snow.

I'm on a bunch of steroids that are making me cranky (can you tell? Probably not, huh?)

I think my Genetics professor is pure evil. Maybe my mind will change after the exam tomorrow, but probably not.

It's time to replace my contact lenses but I hate going to the mall to buy new ones.

Hub is visiting his parents, so I really should take advantage of the time to read my notes.

I'd rather surf the internet and post meaningless crap to this blog.

The "SBFH" has now been renamed the "LSBFH." L stands for "Lying." This is old news, but I think I forgot to post it. I told hub though, and he got a kick out of it. Roared with laughter. :) I'm not sure why he thought it was so funny.

I haven't been knitting at all. I need to start again soon.

Our basement is finally coming along nicely. The bathroom is going to be started next weekend, not sure how far we'll get. So far, Hub has framed the walls and it looks great.

My Sunday paper didn't come today because there was a glitch with my subscription. I was bummed, but I got over it quickly. Very proud of myself.

Time to get back to genetics and stop being crabby.
Ms. V


Perplexio said...

I get kind of OCD when I'm procrastinating. I find household chores that are suddenly quite urgent... Like that dishwasher which just finished NEEDS to be unloaded RIGHT THIS SECOND whenever there's something else far less pleasant I'd rather not be doing. It drives Toni nuts. I kind of going into nesting mode.

I try to find as many other things to bump up on my list of priorities whenever there's something I should be doing that I'd really rather not be doing.

Ms. V said...

You do that too, huh? Our house is always cleanest when I have a lot of homework to do, or a big project to complete. :)