Tuesday, January 01, 2008

Adventures in moving

True story, follow closely:

Today was supposed to be the big move to Albany. Orientation at AMC is on Thursday and Friday. The plan was to drive both vehicles down, unload, set up, Hub would drive home and go to work for the rest of the week, I'd stick around, have dinner with my aunt and cousins, spend Wednesday finding my way around my new neighborhood, go to orientation on Thursday and Friday, then come home Friday evening. Simple enough, right? Apparently not. Why? Because we live in the Northeast.

1) Hub and I woke up an hour late because last night was New Year's Eve, it was cold, the bed was warm, and moving in a snowstorm just isn't fun.

2) We got dressed, got ready, fiddled around with the printer and the laptop, printed off some last minute directions, and packed up a bunch of stuff that hadn't already been taken care of.

3) (This is where the fun began): Hub was in a crabby mood. Somehow, *I* caused the heavy, wet, sloppy snow to fall. We pack up the car, bicker, snipe, and bicker some more, then pull out of the driveway. This is where my feeling of dread set in. This didn't feel right. I always trust my gut. Read on.

4) We had just pulled out of the driveway an hour later than we had planned. I stopped at the ATM then met Hub at Dunkin' Donuts (he was still cranky but at least we were in separate vehicles). At this point I suggested going home and hiring movers so we didn't have to deal with this. Mind you, Hub has to work tomorrow so he would have had to turn around and drive back home tonight... in the dark.... in the middle of a snowstorm. Hub says no to my new plan. We pull out of Dunkin' Donuts, I stop to fill up Zippy Junior before our trip.

5) We reach Shelburne Rd. and some idiot in a Subaru decides it's fun to tailgate small cars on slick roads. Guess whose small car she's behind? Yes, mine. At this point, I started to fear for Zippy Junior's beautiful rear-end. I also started to calculate how much of my PA school tuition I could pay after suing her ass for rear-ending me. Instead of being a jerk and slamming on my breaks, I opt to give the guy in front of me more room, "just in case." Subaru lady doesn't let up one bit. Hub is directly behind her and he sees this.

6) We reach Shelburne, Hub overtakes her. I call Hub on his cell phone and say "Beware! The imbecile behind you is a tail-gaiter. BTW - thanks for rescuing me from her. The 4-Runner won't be damaged if she hits you, whereas Zippy Junior would be totaled." He responds with "Yeah, I saw she was driving like an ass-whipe so I thought I'd spare you." Hmmm, it seems he had forgiven me for causing the snow. Thanks Hub, you're tops.

7) We finally reach Charlotte, a whopping 12 miles away from our home. I call Hub again. "I have another idea: I'll call my aunt and see if I can crash at her place and we'll move in better weather. Your thoughts?" Hub: "You're brilliant! You should be nominated for a Nobel Prize!" (Actually, he didn't say that, but I know he was thinking it...) I call my aunt: "I have a favor. The weather is miserable, we're pulled over on the side of the road, can I crash with you for a few nights and move my stuff into my apartment over the next few days?" Aunt (who is currently my favorite person in the world): "Yes, of course! You're my all-time favorite niece and we'd love to be blessed with your presence!" (Actually, she didn't say that, but I know she was thinking it...)

8) Still pulled over on the side of the road, I call Hub back (because even though he's pulled over right behind me, it's snowing like a bastard and I have no desire to trudge even 10 inches in this slippery mess with a bunch of traffic flying past me.) Me: "Favorite Aunt said I can stay with her. Here's the plan: I'll drive down tomorrow, drop some stuff off at the aparment, crash at Favorite Aunt's place for two nights and see you on Friday at the White Coat Ceremony. You'll drag the futon and the rest of the junk down on Friday and we'll unload it after the White Coat Ceremony. If the weather is bad, we'll reschedule for the weekend." Hub: "You're brilliant! You should be nominated for a Nobel Prize!" (Actually, he didn't say that, but I know he was thinking it...) Hub's real response: "You know, there's a traffic light and a gas station just up the road we could have stopped at." My response: "Uhhh... your point is? Nevermind, we'll turn around there." My feeling of dread has now lifted completely and I'm thrilled with the new plan.

9) We return home to find that the garage door had been left open. Good thing I trusted my gut-feeling of dread. Not only am I brilliant, I'm psychic. Awesome. Yay me.

10) I call the landlord, assure him I'm a good tenant, offer to scan a copy of my rent check to prove it's already made out, tell him I'll move in little by little over the next few days and won't actually spend the night until Sunday. His response: "Thank you for being my favorite tenant." (Actually, he DID say this.) Apparently the guy just moved out of the apartment yesterday morning and the landlord is sick, so this will give him time to recover from his cold and make sure the apartment is presentable. I told him to take as much time as he needed to get it squared away. My stuff is in boxes and won't be harmed by any work he might need to do. He was just as thrilled with the new plan as I was, hence my new title of "favorite tenant."

11) We now have tentative dinner plans with friends this evening. I have a date with the treadmill, which I'm actually looking forward to now that I can jog an entire mile. I get to spend more time with my fur-kids, and can take my time driving to Albany tomorrow morning. I'll spend some time with my cousins, my aunt will come home from work, a good time will be had by all.

The end.
Ms. V

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