Monday, March 17, 2008

The state of the capital

Moving back to the state of NY after 10 years away has proven interesting, especially in light of the recent scandal involving our now-former Governor Spitzer. I live only 1 block away from Empire State Plaza and as I was doing the parking dance today I couldn't help but notice the 18 news vans surrounding the entire block. Since many of my VT friends have asked, "What's going on down there? What is it like?" well, this is it. Especially when a new governor is about to take office.... oh, and especially when it's because the old governor was disgraced... oh, and one more thing, especially when the new governor is a blind African American.

As far as my thoughts about Elliot go, I could ramble on about it but I think Amy Poehler and Seth Myers said it best on SNL this past weekend. Check it out:
They are ab-fab, sweetie darling, aren't they?

That's the news for now.

Ms. V

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