Thursday, September 23, 2010

On this harvest moon...

No quotes today, folks. I'm feeling happily serious (serene perhaps?)

We've just moved in to autumn, a truly special time in my book - especially here in the northeast, where the colors explode across both the ground and sky. The addition of the harvest moon last night got me thinking about what autumn truly is, in a somewhat spiritual sense. It's another time of transition, just like spring, but it's a time of transition toward closings and endings, to prepare us for the rest and recovery of winter. Each season has such emotional beauty attached to it, but autumn is a little extra special because it helps us prepare. It allows us time to say goodbye to the vibrant life of spring and summer and ease into the solitude and opportunities for introspection that winter presents to us. Autumn is a cool, crisp, colorful, cider-filled cushion. Embrace it fully. It's the perfect transition.

Happy equinox to all! Hope you enjoyed the harvest moon last night.
Ms. V

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