Tuesday, October 11, 2005

An influence over young girls

This past weekend I taught my 10 year old cousin a very important lesson: When asked if she prefers platinum or gold, ALWAYS SAY PLATINUM.

Ms. V


Perplexio said...

There are several other lessons to be learned.

1. People generally don't have a jeweler's scope on their person, they will not notice any occlusions on the diamond unless they get a really close look. Therefore, go for size over clarity.

2. Wedding bands are meant to frame or accent the engagement band. Go cheap on the wedding bands (both the his and the hers) so you can spend a little extra on the engagement band.

3. Jewelry is not generally an investment (how many people do you know have sold their wedding or engagement bands?). They either become heirlooms or get buried when the person wearing them becomes worm food. Therefore it's more important that it LOOKS expensive than having it actually BE expensive (see also #1)

robb said...

Platinum all the way! Only the best for my girls! What good is having if you're not sharing it

Ms. V said...

Well Robb, I'm happy that you know what you're doing. :) You're going to be good at "helping" your wee-one decide who the good guys are and who the bad guys are. :grin:

Perp, regarding #2, I have to disagree. Hub and I spent a lot on our wedding bands. The way I see it is: if I'm going to wear this thing day and night for the rest of my life, I need to absolutely LOVE it. It took me months to decide on a band and in the end I ended up designing it myself. Cost more, but was well worth it. Also, I really like the look of just a band without the engagement ring. My band and engagement ring were not made to be a set, but they look as good together as they do apart. It adds versatility. I *never* wear my engagement ring at work or in the lab. I come in contact with too many questionable things, even with gloves on. I wanted a wedding band that looked good on its own, too.

OK, I'm long-winded. What else is new?