Sunday, October 30, 2005

Welcome to the 21st Century, mom!

She finally got a cell phone. :)

Exams are over, I think I did OK. Now I have more labs to write. They're multiplying. I have 3 of them to finish today, which means that I'm stuck inside with my nose in a book on a glorious, sunny day. Lucky me.

I just spent a fabulous couple of days in Montreal with my sister though, and Hub made me blueberry muffins for breakfast this morning, so I guess it all evens out. Now it's time to work.

Happy early Halloween to all!
Ms. V


Anonymous said...

Pippin wants a cell phone, apparently your boys have been running up our phone during the day calling him and he wants some privacy. I told him he can get a cell phone when he can pay for it on his own!!!


(Pippin Speak for " I knew a girl who sang the blues..."

Ms. V said...

Well, *I* think that poor baby Pipster is being deprived. He wants a cell phone, he should have a cell phone. :grin:

Perhaps my train of thought in "give your cats anything they like and let them do whatever the hell they want" is why our cats have no manners.

robbdj said...

It's better then the cats actually being homicidal (and before you laugh, it has happened to me)