Sunday, October 02, 2005

You'll laugh so hard that you might actually begin to convulse.

This is the first blog I've found that is actually MORE funny than the famous "Stuck in Rehab with Pat O'Brien" (which, by the way, is still linked at the right for those who haven't seen it yet).

Check out this beauty:

It will soon be added to the "blogs I read" section on the right hand side. I just don't have time to mess with the template right now.

Honestly, you'll laugh until you cry.
Ms. V


rofo said...

Ok, that's some of the funny knitting related webpages I've ever seen. My personal fav was the half poncho half sweater thing with only one arm hole. The perfect gift for your amputee friends?!

Ms. V said...

Ooooh! Yes, the swancho. That's one of my favorites.

The comments are a hoot!
"When she raises her left arm to hail a taxi ... expect an awkward moment."

Followed by:
"Actually, I think that would about guarantee she gets a taxi. Or three."

Perplexio said...

Okay ummm... Cozies were developed and are designed to keep canned or bottled beverages cool or cold.

Clothes which are knit are generally to keep people WARM (I'm yet to see anyone wear a knit t-shirt or tank top.

Does anyone else see the problem here? There's a definite form/function problem with "knit cozies."

Ms. V said...

Absolutely. 1) There's no point to them. 2) They would be awfully gross when they get wet from that soda can. Yuck. Bleh. Gross.

I love this site. I'm addicted to it.