Sunday, June 12, 2005

An oddity and a fun new game

First, the oddity:
Hub and I went to Bruegger's for lunch today and spotted a man with a Dunkin' Donuts coffee and a Quizno's sub - consuming both of them in Brueggers. Odd.

Second, the fun new game:
Hub and I have a tiny air conditioner in our bedroom, but the VT heat and humidity has propelled us to put "The Beast" in the kitchen window downstairs, to cool the rest of the house. "The Beast" is a 12,000 BTU monster given to us by Hub's dad. He probably bought it in the 1980's. We were barely able to get it down the stairs without dropping it and crushing ourselves. Now that we have two ac's in, our fun new game is to go outside and watch our electric meter spin like wild. Whoever gets dizzy first is the loser.

Back to homework,
Ms. V


Perplexio said...

Something tells me you have the start of a wonderful drinking game in the works!

Ms. V said...

What's more fun than coming up with a cool new drinking game? :)