Saturday, June 25, 2005

A visitor...

This beautiful little lass decided to pay me a visit while I did homework on the back deck. She was even kind enough to stay put until I could grab the camera.

Close up:

Regular pic:

Ms. V


Anonymous said...

Wildlife is so wonderful.

Ms. V said...

Indeed it is. I haven't been lucky enough yet to have the camera ready for the cardinals (3 of them that I know of) or the hummingbirds, but I hope to get some shots by the end of the season.

Perplexio said...

Which 3?

Albert Pujols? Jim Edmonds? Jason Isringhausen?

And what are those 3 Cardinals doing in Vermont, there's not even a major league baseball team there... and it's a long way from St. Louis!

Ms. V said...

Har har har.

Actually, our minor-league team is up for a name change and the good people of Vermont are contributing. Perhaps we could be the "Vermont Cardinals."

Nahh... that doesn't have a ring to it.