Friday, January 28, 2005

"Get away from me, you jackals!"

Well, since my sister had the good idea about getting all of her post titles from Seinfeld episodes, I figured I'd get some of my post titles out of the episodes of random shows. In fact, the above quote is out of a classic episode of Murphy Brown. I love that show, and I especially love that "Nick at Night" is now re-running it during the week at 11:30 pm. My DVR is really being put to work!

In either case, the quote seemed rather fitting for the day I've had. Apparently, here in Vermont, if you're over the age of 82 or if you have a child under the age of 3 (preferably one who likes to stand around and scream), 2pm on Friday afternoon is the exact time that you like to do all of your grocery shopping for the year. Unfortunately, 2pm on this Friday afternoon is also the time that I chose to pick up a few snacks for the week (as well as some anti-aging cream and birth control pills). Never have I bumped into so many other carts. Never have I spent over an hour and a half navigating the aisles just to pick up my 20-or-so items. Never AGAIN will I make the mistake of shopping at 2pm on a Friday afternoon.

Sadly, the only things I got out of it were the ingredients for some really good homemade hummus and those "little hugs" juice drinks that we used to have at my dad's house when I was a kid. I'm aging. That means I'm feeling nostalgic. So what if I'm 27 years old and drinking colored-sugar-water out of a cheap, fake plastic barrel?

I also noticed something interesting while I was there: all of the "10 items or less" lines have been changed to "14 items or less." Now, I know that there are many, many people who sneak through those check-out lines with more than 10 items. I can't help but wonder if some mega-conglomerate-super-store funded a study to find out the average # of extra items that people smuggle onto the conveyor belt. I'm sure that based on their findings, they upped the checkout limit to 14. Wow. I wonder why people go hungry in this world when there's so much money to be tossed around? Now I'm kinda' TO'd and will have to look into this new 14 item limit.

Happy shopping!
Ms. V

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