Friday, January 14, 2005

I guess 30 really IS the new 20

OK folks, after watching "Queer Eye for the Straight Girl" and noticing just how much fun the straight chic was having at her 30th b-day party, I'm kind of getting excited.

My buddy Perplexio commented with some very-true thoughts: that the idea of turning 30 is far more scary than the actual event. I've decided to live it up! I'm saving my time, energy, and money to throw a huge bash and make it the best possible birthday I could have. Even better than my "24 on the 24th", which was a 4-day long celebration.

I went to Perplexio's blog to check it out and saw an "agifier" game. I took it, and guess what? Although I'm about to turn 27, I already act like I'm 34. I guess I'm not getting older, I'm just catching up with myself. :wink:

Ms. V

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Erin said...

Apparently I'm 29.