Saturday, January 29, 2005

Good news and bad news...

The good news is that Princess Fluffypants (otherwise known as Grenidine) is eating better so we opted not to go to the emergency vet. She seems like she's back to normal. Crying at the door, getting into mischief, and being the cutest little smooshy-butt in the world. In fact, the hub just informed me that Greni has requested we move the towels down a shelf in our bathroom so she can jump up and sleep on them. I'll get to that first thing in the morning.

The bad news is that her urinary prob's *might* be coming back. Bleh. I'm going to have to get a urine sample now. Trying to convince a cat to pee in an empty litter box is about as impossible as running at the speed of light. Wish me luck.

Speaking of running... guess who's getting her fat arse back on the treadmill tomorrow? Yup. Your's truly. Hub is out of town on business for the week so I have an empty house to exercise in. There's a 5k in May that I want to be ready for - that's just over 3 miles. Considering I can only comfortably run about a quarter of a mile, well, I have a lot of work to do. Wish me luck with that, too.

Happy weekend to all. I'm off to read about macromolecules before I get some shut eye.

Ms. V

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