Friday, February 18, 2005

The extent to which I hate physics is truly astounding.

I hate physics. I hate it with an absolute, burning passion. Do you know what I hate more than physics? The fact that I have to also take physics II. I can't wait. I'm sure the torture of physics II will make the torture of physics I seem like it was a day at the playground. Yippee.

Honestly, I don't know why I hate it because I *love* math. In fact, I love math so much that I sometimes do problems for fun. Yes, I really am that much of a geek. Now, physics is basically math with fancy names, like "Newtons." Sure, Newton was a cool guy and all, but is it really necessary for physics people to be obsessed with him? C'mon now. In either case, physics should not be detested by someone who loves math. All we do in physics is learn 18 new formulas that will all give us the same conclusion, then plug some numbers into our favorite one. Not bad. I can handle that. That part of physics I actually kind of enjoy.

What I DON'T enjoy, however, is the fact that I started my first 2 homework problems tonight, did them absolutely, 100% right, but still got different answers than those given to us by the instructor. I've rechecked my formulas. I've rechecked my math. I get the same answers and they make sense. I have no idea what kind of "herbal remedy" he was smoking when he came up with his answers but they are different than mine. His must be wrong because I'm always right. I guess he didn't get that memo. I'll have to remember to leave a copy of it in his school mailbox on Monday.

Oh yeah, I have to take an exam that evening, too. I'm sure I'll get 100% after he gets his memo. He won't even have to waste his time grading it. I'll be making his life easier. How nice of me. :)

Ms. V


jonboy said...

it's probably because physics is more of a visual form of logic while "traditional mathematics", so to speak, is abstract logic.
i always excelled in both physics and math such as calc, finite, and linear algebra but i just couldn't get myself to give a shit about the topics.
the thing that kills me is that math is supposed to be the subject of absolute answers, even if the answer is "undefined" or "there is no answer". horseshit, if you ask me. and when you get into higher-thinking math and physics you start qualifying shit like "information" as a variable and results and laws may not hold true depending on what law or theory or method of calculation you used to devive your idea. it sounds like i'm grumpy but i'm just tired... and aggitated because the shit that these physists talk about sounds less like "rocket science" and more like "i'm-making-shit-up-and-adding-metaphysical-and-other-philosophical-crap-in-to-confuse-you science" and my brain hurts.

Erin said...

I hated physics too. But only because my teacher was a weirdo and always had boogers hanging out of her nose. But I'd never mess with her 'cause she was a black belt.

Ms. V said...
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Ms. V said...

jonboy, I completely agree - 100%. I like to think of mathmeticians and physicists as "pretend scientists." Maybe that's only because I'm going to be a real scientist though. In either case, I only hated physics last night because I was a moron for a period of about 30 minutes and actually did do those problems wrong. They're quite easy now that my brain is back in my head where it belongs.

Baabblu - you had Mrs. Rydgryn, didn't you? God help you if you sat in the front row. I heard that she spit a lot.

*this was my original comment post, but i had typos and couldn't figure out how to edit them out. bleh.

Perplexio said...

Regarding Mrs. Rydgren...

See my senior will in your 1995 yearbook. ;-)