Tuesday, February 01, 2005

Tuesday afternoon haiku

Writing my labs now
Really hate doing it though
Want to knit instead


Perplexio said...

Try this one...

HangoverSunlight blinding at the crack of dawn
Jackhammer pounding from the inside out
Gastro-Intestinal Gymnastics scoring a perfect ten
Last night's drinking binge, a work of art
Painted on a canvas of porcelain

Perplexio said...

PS... I also mentioned this to Erin but I figured you'd also dig it. There's a message board I frequent that might interest you. They post about everything from music to movies to TV shows to politics, and just general BS. It's a fun crowd, most of the people who post there are twentysomethings...


Any of your friends who read your blog are of course also more than welcome to check it out. The political topics sometimes get heated as I'm the only conservative who posts there... I've been dubbed the "Token Republican/Liberal Abuse Magnet."