Tuesday, February 22, 2005

Just can't think of a good title tonight...

Well, the physics exam was sheer hell. On the bright side, he grades on a curve so all I have to do is cross my fingers that everyone else in the class did worse than I did.

I'm working on the world's longest lab report now. I still have to write a conclusion and discussion, as well as make my graphs and sketches. Thank goodness I don't have to travel to Johnson for the day tomorrow. That gives me a few hours to work on it then. Nothing like putting stuff off. I'm the modern-day Scarlett O'Hara: "I'll worry about that tomorrow. Tomorrow is another day."

Hub's birthday is Saturday and I'm not even close to being done his blanket. I guess he'll get his gift late. Then again, he lives with me. How much more could a guy want, anyway? Afterall, I'm the one who brings him snacks while he kills bad guys.

In all seriousness now (where's the fun in that?), we're going out for brunch at his favorite restaurant - the Brazilian place downtown. It's basically a "festival o' meat" so we don't go very often. There's only so much grilled pineapple a girl can eat. I think this time I'll just hold out for the all-you-can-eat dessert tray.

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