Friday, February 18, 2005

A little note about exhaustion...

When it hits, it hits hard. Exhausted is how I've felt almost every day this week. I'll be caring and sharing and give you a rundown:

Monday: Exam in cells and genetics. It went well, but I'm still waiting for my grade. Then I drove the 45 minutes back home to go to calculus. Remember calculus boy? He outdid himself on Monday. He had questions from the previous chapter that we finished weeks ago. He had so many that we spent the full 2 hour class working on them. No new material. How obnoxious. On the bright side, we also didn't get assigned any homework because of it. If I didn't find him so damn annoying, I would have thanked him.

Tuesday: A fun filled day of homework which later included going to work and waiting for security to come open my friend's office (it took them 15 minutes, she's 9months pregnant and I'm usually cranky).

Wednesday: A day that started off at 45 degrees F. I wore my zip-up Johnson State hoodie and was perfectly comfortable. Fifteen minutes into my lab, it started to snow like wild. I had no jacket and only 1 hour to get home before having to go to my physics lab. Physics lab was 100% hellish. It was the longest freakin' lab I've ever had to do in my life. Would you like to know what we did? We wrote down numbers for 2 1/2 hours straight, then we had a problem with our air track. Our glider kept sticking. Finally, through gritted teeth, I said "We'll try once more, and if the BLEEPING thing sticks again, we're making up this final value!" The boys knew I was serious. By the time I got home, I wanted to curl into the fetal position and wimper. I had just spent over 2 hours writing down 67,483 numbers. Now I have to average them by groups of 3. Kill me. Please.

Thursday: Work. 2 hours of billing, then on to the LDA stuff. It was a busy night on the floor, but a slow night for us.... Until 11pm when I was planning on going home but they sent a women back into our OR for a double set up (tries to deliver vaginally and if she can't, it's an immediate c-section). Thank goodness the babies were cute. I was already so overtired and cranky by the time they were born that I would have just been more TO'd if they were ugly newborns.

I got hom 3 hours late, which means I got up 3 hours late, which means I lose a 1-hour date with the treadmill and 2 hours of precious homework time. Hub is working on the basement tomorrow and then helping a friend with his, so I can catch up then.

Vacation from one college this week. No commute! Rejoice!

Ms. V

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