Saturday, February 05, 2005

Full steam ahead!

Well, I finally decided to try it: knitting a hat. I've tried knitting in the round before, using douple-pointed needles for a pair of socks and it was disastrous. Well, not disastrous but too much of a bother to finish the first sock. I've used circular needles many times for large blankets but I've never actually used them to make a hat. So far, so good. Everyone cross your fingers that I survive. I already have 3 things in my "to be frogged" pile and really don't want to add to it.

Hub is also home from his business trip. He brought me English Toffee and amaretto fudge. He's also going to be working from home now which means I'll have someone to make me coffee every morning. Good golly I love this man.

Time for bed! I'm hitting the hay early tonight so I can catch up on some magazine reading.
Ms. V

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Erin said...

Know what I wish I could have shipped in from the UK (well, if it didn't cost a FORTUNE, that is)? Thornton's toffees. Man, you haven't had toffee till you've had Thornton's and I've been aching to have some for a year now. But seriously, it's orgasmic.