Friday, May 20, 2005

All shook up

For a couple of reasons:

1) I have a paralyzing fear of the dark.
2) Hub is away tonight, so I'm all by my lonesome.
3) I just got done work and it was a slow night. This meant that my cohorts and I passed the time by looking at haunted dolls on ebay and watching footage from the show "Ghost Hunters." Freaky.
4) I watched "White Noise" last night.

Combine and stir. You'll get yourself one spooked-out Ms. V.

It's true that I'm normally awake at this hour because I'm nocturnal. However, there is absolutely no chance that I will even venture into my bedroom right now, much less consider trying to go to bed.

On the bright side, there's a particular individual at work who drives me insane. I thought I was the only one who was overly annoyed by her mere presence, but tonight I found out that there are others who agree with me. Good. I'm not super-picky. Well, I am, but not about her, I guess.

I also got a lot of knitting done before I went in to work tonight. Maybe, after 1 full year of working on it (that involved 1 frogging), I'll finally have my Berroco Softy poncho afterall!

Keeping the lights on,
Ms. V


Anonymous said...

how are you going to sleep at erins? i really think they go to bed sometime during the night

Erin said...

I can barely keep my eyes open past 11pm.

Ms. V said...

I'll probably stay in my room with the light on, read, fall asleep around 4 am for a nap, then get up shortly after they do.

Though, last time I visited, I was actually tired around midnight. Amazing. Maybe I'll come home a changed woman!

Anonymous said...

There's nothing quite like a changed woman.

Perplexio said...

And the most incredibly changed women are the ones who used to be men.

Ms. V said...

Holy crap. That is hilarious! I can assure you though, I'm not a man. :)

Perplexio said...

PS: It's never that dark out here... There's enough light pollution to prevent it from ever becoming too dark here.

The only time it gets dark at all are dark & stormy nights.