Monday, May 16, 2005

Nothing to report

Alright, now that I'm on a break from school, my life is even *more* boring than it was before. On the bright side, I can put in more hours at work, which means I'll have more money, which then means that I'll get to buy more yarn, more books, and more tarot cards. There's definitely some good stuff going on there.

I got my grades back and classes start again on June 1st. Typical of every summer, my weekend plans are filling up quickly, so hopefully I'll have plenty of chances to make a fool out of my socially-awkward self. This will give me more to write about.

For now, I'll just offer an update: The house got cleaned, the visit with hub's parents was great, and his mother and I went to the yarn store. Fab-o. I bought more yarn that I didn't need and now I have another project on my list that I don't have time to knit. I guess life is getting back to normal.

*smooches to all*
Ms. V


Perplexio said...

Sounds like you had a good time with the in-laws. :-)

Anonymous said...

why don't you come spend a night with your mum

Erin said...

Sorry, she's coming to spend a night with her sis.

Ms. V said...

I'm going to just sit back and revel in my popularity.

Anonymous said...

ok, you both win