Wednesday, May 04, 2005


Cool stuff.

I'm especially pleased about Barbara McClintock because she's the only woman on the list, as well as the only biologist (I have a special place in my heart for biologists - for obvious reasons). I'm also excited about Richard Feynman getting a stamp, too. He's a quirky sort of fellow. I highly suggest you read some of his books.

I'm really not into stamps at all, but I just want to say: "Yay for science!"

Super-geek, I'm super-geeky,
Ms. V (the biologist who also hopes to be on a stamp someday)

P.S. Mom - since you have 'connections', do you think you can score me a set of these?


Anonymous said...

You have to die first to be on a stamp and I am not wishing for that. I can scribble you picture in the corner near the stamp if you would like!

Ms. V said...

Death isn't so bad, compared to the physics final that I just took.

Before the exam, I figured out my grade and as it turns out, I would need to get a 65 or below in order to get below an A- in the class overall. I'll be lucky if I get a 50 on that exam. Bleh. I can kiss my pretty, pointed little 'A' goodbye.

Also, I've had the day from hell. I'm going to post about it now.