Tuesday, May 31, 2005

Scrumtrulescent, part deux

Hub has been well aware of my ice cream addiction since we met. It works quite well in my favor. He knows how important it is to drive 20 minutes just to try another flavor out of the 130.

That's what we're doing tonight.

Also, I've decided to make two lists: a "must try" list and a "have no desire to try" list. Once it's complete, I'm going to make it my goal to cross every flavor off my "must try" list by the end of the season. I'm going to have to do it with frozen yogurt though. My waistline has expanded enough. It's time to start moving it in the opposite direction. My high school reunion is next year. Must. Look. Stunning.

Trying to patiently wait for my Angel Food Cake flavored frozen yogurt,
Ms. V


Erin said...

They had angel food cake flavor?

Ms. V said...

Yup, it's #5 on their list.

I've discovered a way to make it through my "must try" list this summer: bring someone with me. That way I can have a taste of their ice cream. I'll get to sample 2 flavors every time I go, instead of just one.

We got the yogurt last night. It was OK, but obvious that it wasn't the really good stuff (y'know - that super fattening, too-good-for-words mixture called 'ice cream').

Erin said...

Ice cream is such a too-good-for-words mixture that I will make up a word to describe it right now...:

Perplexio said...

Ever had Haagen Daz Rum Raisin?

It's good, although after eating a half pint of it and breathing in Toni's general direction she nearly got drunk.

It's kind of like... Would you like some Ice Cream with your rum and rum raisins.

Too bad the alcohol was gone...

Ms. V said...

Mmmm... Haagen Daz....

Though, I'm more of a Ben & Jerry's girl myself. I'm a total sucker for "Chunky Monkey."

The scrumtrulescent ice cream shop has a rum flavored ice cream that made it on to my "must try" list. I guess this means that you and Toni will need to visit VT again so you can compare and contrast! ;)

Anonymous said...

Miss T is a big fan of Chocolate Therapy from Ben and Jerry's, she swears it can elevate any mood. If you need a real mood pick me up, try the Chocolate therapy waffle cone sundae from the store in the mall. I swear its so much chocolate I expect to see a ommpa Loompa waddling around behind the counter.

"I met a girl who sang the blues, and I asked her for some happy news, she just smiled and turned away...."

Ms. V said...

OMG, anon. I had no idea who you were until you added the musical hint. :grin:

"...I went down to that sacred store, where I heard the music years before... but the man there said the music wouldn't playyyyyy...."