Saturday, May 28, 2005

Miss Cleo? Nah, it's Ms. V!

Of all the psychic moments I have in a day, a strange one occurred this morning. It was unusual because it happened at 7:30am. That's normally a time that I don't actually see unless I'm going to bed. Today - miracle of miracles - I was getting up. Can you believe it?

Anyway, the hub had disappeared and the fab four were trying to force me out of bed to feed them 1/2 hour early. I was awake for 10 minutes before the alarm went off. During that time, I had a particular line of a particular song in my head. Then the clock radio sounded. The song was on AND playing at that line. It was enough to make me get up without hitting the snooze. THAT's amazing.

Clairvoyantly your's,
Ms. V


Anonymous said...

I is amazing that you are up at 7:30 am... Did you go back to bed?

Anonymous said...

sorry, IT not I