Friday, May 13, 2005

Mostly a photo-post today

I'm going to show off my fur-family because they're too adorable for words.

But first: Happy Friday the 13th. >:D
Also, I get to go to the yarn store tomorrow. Yay! Hub's mom wants to check it out. I just stocked up, but I'm sure I can find a few more items to add to my stash. I love yarn. I think it's time to join some sort of support group.

Now for the precious little kitties-

Teba - being all squishy and cute

Condor - planning what sort of mischief to get into after his nap

Blaze - wishing Hub and I would leave him alone so he could finally sleep

Grenidine - being her usual 'Princess' self and striking a pose (note the extra toes, she's polydactyl)

Best of luck to everyone today,
Ms. V


Anonymous said...

My God, who does Grenadine really think she is? What a smitten little cat!!

Anonymous said...

I see my baby is keeping up her squishy pose, I need to get over there and watch galaxyquest with her again from your DVR..... I am still betrayed by the princess... sniff sniff!!!

Erin said...

I didn't know Weba was Chinese!

Ms. V said...

Weba is only half Chinese. My half, in fact. Because I have so much Chinese in me.

Also, dear, sweet anonymous, perhaybe it's a sign that you should visit more often. Then Princess Fluffypants might be incliined to allow you to be her favorite again. :)

Seriously. Hub has a meat-only grill to nicely compliment my veggie-only grill. We need to do some serious barbecuing now that I'm out of school.