Sunday, May 08, 2005

Simple post today

Happy mother's day to all of the mom's out there.


For *my* mother's day gift, Hub is bringing me home some Krispy Kreme donuts from PA. I can't wait to weigh myself next week, after a psychotic donut-binge.

Ms. V


Perplexio said...

Toni & I have a Krispy Kreme bakery within a 5-10 minute drive from our apartment. We rarely take advantage of its proximity unfortunately.

Ms. V said...

For me, part of the appeal of the Krispy Kreme donut is the fact that we don't have any near us. The closest is in Montreal, somewhere in the old port, but I never get them when I go up. When I was at BCI, I used to have my southeast co-workers send them to me. :)