Wednesday, April 13, 2005

I have a good excuse, I promise!

Alright, Condor and Blaze had a birthday on April 10th and I didn't post pictures like I did for Teba and Grenidine. I was sick. Really sick. Really.

In either case, to make up for my error and help get rid of some of the guilt I feel, I'm going to post extra pictures of Connie and Blazey. Lucky you. :)

The first big thing hub and I did after we moved in together was adopt this pair of littermates, partly to give Teba a pair of friends, partly to give some homeless cats a chance at a spoiled life, mostly because we wanted to expand our family together. Afterall, Teba was mine, not *our's* at the time. We found Condor and Blaze at the local shelter, fell in love, and adopted them 2 days later.

Happy 4th birthday guys!

Kitten picture:

Together, all grown up:




Erin said...

Is that the new red couch?

Btw, Blaze dwarfs Condor. It's funny.

Ms. V said...

Yep, that's the new red couch - still sitting in our bedroom, waiting for the basement to be finished.

The size difference is even more funny in real life, as you know. Blaze outweighs Condor by about 6lbs now.

Anonymous said...

Happy fourth birthday to my darling grandcats. You are just beautiful.