Thursday, April 07, 2005

Life has finally caught up with me

I should have learned from past experience that when I do too much for too long, my body says "STOP" by getting sick. Bleh.

I had to cancel a coffee date with a friend of mine who I haven't seen in a year and miss terribly. I have to miss class tonight, which really sucks because it's calculus and in order to get my full 10% class participation grade, I need to go to every single class. I have to call in sick to work tonight, which also sucks because I called in on Monday for other reasons. :(


Time to grab some tea then go back to bed. Not that I can sleep... my glands are swollen, I have an earache, my lungs are in such bad shape that it's excrutiating to breath and my sinuses are ready to burst.

Sorry for the graphic. I'm miserable. Send some healing thoughts my way!
Ms. V


Anonymous said...

Rest and fluids. Watch for strep. Call me if you need me. xoxoxoxo (8 in case you didn't notice)

Ms. V said...

Hub wonders where I get my obsession with certain numbers from...

I have no idea why. It's as clear as day! :)

Anonymous said...

you betcha, and i just put 22 dishes in the dishwasher!