Tuesday, April 26, 2005

Kinda' TO'd

For two reasons:

1) Apparently, because I have a stupid auto-immune disorder, I don't qualify for life insurance. Hub called the insurance guy and *politely* asked him to try again. It's not like I'm on my death bed! Ulcerative Colitis does not make me a huge risk. At least, *I* don't think so. They're looking into it again.

2) I was kind enough to let a girl in physics class borrow my notes last week. She has a habit of either skipping, or leaving early, so I lend her my notes. She was supposed to give them to me on Thursday, but wasn't done with them yet, so I told her to keep them until Monday (yesterday). Guess what? The irresponsible little punk skipped both of our classes to go to a Red Sox game! This means that I have a Physics exam on Wednesday and no notes. I have my crappy notes that I take in class, but she has my really pretty, recopied and organized notes and dammit, I want to study from those!

Grumpy because it's early,
Ms. V


Erin said...

When you get the notes back, you should beat her up.

Ms. V said...

Don't worry. I have a sack full of rocks waiting for her.

Also, I skipped my last appointment with my gastroenterologist, so the insurance denied me. Hopefully if I make an appointment, they'll say it's OK.

Erin said...

How does skipping a gastro-e appt. make them decide to deny you insurance?

Insurance companies are weird.

Ms. V said...

They said that it was because my medical records weren't updated. :rolls eyes: