Friday, April 01, 2005

A little taste of Ms. V's marriage...

Wonders! I actually got out of work on time last night. At 3:10am I walked in the door and Hub was hanging out on the couch, watching TV. He said he couldn't sleep so, despite the fact that I would normally stay up until about 4:15am, I went to bed with him. This is the conversation that took place:

Hub: "I'm hot."

Me: "I'm hungry."

H: "We should open the window."

Me: "We should go eat some food."

H: "Hmmm. You can go have one of your microwave meals..."

Me: "nah..."

H: (in the kindest, most loving voice) "There's bread, you could have bread and water."

Me: (hysterical laughter) "I'm going to post in my blog that you want me to live on bread and water!" (hence this post, as boring as it is for most of you). "Get out from under the covers if you're hot, that will help."

H: "There are wraps and pickles. You could have that."

Me: "Did you buy more wraps?"

H: "No. Where's Connie?" then hollars: "Boogie Bear!!! It's bedtime!!"

Me: "Then there aren't any wraps. Connie is just waiting in the shadows to steal your spot again"

H: "OK, we're back to bread then. You can have bread and a pickle." Then hollars again: "Boo-bear! Time for bed!"

Me: "Yay! I've moved up a notch. I get a side dish with my meal now."

Hub: "I wish Condor would come sleep with us..."

Me: "Forget about Connie, he's not coming. He's kinda' TO'd that I came home and stole his spot on the bed."

Hub: "Goodnight smooshy-face, I love you." (yes, he really does say that to me and I will REALLY be living on bread and water when he finds out I've posted it for all to see! Muahahahaha!!!)

Me: "Goodnight, I love you too."

The only part that I really wanted to post was that Hub actually suggested I eat bread and water. I guess it shows how little we cook around here. It would have been even more boring if I had just posted "Last night, Hub suggested I eat bread and water" so I gave you a play-by-play. Feeling pretty special now, aren't you? :wink:

Just another day in the mundane life of Ms. V

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